This is Kaleab.

Kaleab has a mother and 3 siblings but his family is very poor so Kaleab had been staying with his aunt while attending the feeding program at Help Korah. In September, his aunt married and her new husband did not want Kaleab living with them any more, so they sent him back to his mother and he no longer attended the feeding program.

Unfortunately, Kaleab’s Mom could not afford to care for him and for 3 weeks Kaleab had no regular food. Weak and malnourished he decided to leave his mother and go to where he knew he could get the help he needed.

Pastor Tatek took him in and he was given three meals a day to regain weight and strength; he was taken to the hospital to be treated and given medication for an infection he had on his scalp.  Pastor Tatek bought him a bed, a blanket, and new clothes. Kaleab now sleeps at the church every night under the care of the watch guard and goes to school every day. He is learning about God, and his faith, despite his circumstances, is growing!

This is the difference sponsorship makes. When you sponsor  a child through helpkorah.org, you not only have a chance to help a child in need, you have a chance to make an eternal difference!


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