“Eden Belayineh is our sponsored child, she has been with us for her meal every day ….little Eden has big burden for she must carry her grand mom ‘s hand and leading her blind grandmom until reaching to the sitter stone in morning time and must bring her back in evening before she come to our table !”

-Pastor Tatek Kifetew [Director of Help Korah]

Eden is one of our precious sponsor children. She receives meals at the care center everyday through Help Korah. Her family is very poor and they beg in the city to survive. Her Grandmother is blind and little Eden leads her by the hand every day to the city where she begs for coins. We are so grateful for Eden’s and all other sponsors because they are making it possible to break the cycle of poverty in the lives of these children. Eden doesn’t need to beg because she is cared for by Help Korah. Through sponsorship she is able to attend school and by God’s grace will one day be able to help her family out of poverty. Thanks for supporting children like Eden.

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