It began in the local church…

In September of 2011, Pastor Ron Thomas the Senior pastor of Faith Living Church, learns of a place in Ethiopia’s capital city where orphans live and find food in a trash dump. A deep desire to rescue these kids and teach them about the love of Christ takes root in Pastor Ron’s heart. The search for a ministry to partner with working in Korah began. The hope was to find a local church to come alongside and work together in bringing aid and the gospel to the poorest children of Korah.

-July 2012- FLC sponsors over 200 children exceeding expectations
-January 2012- Pastor Ron shares with FLC his heart on Korah and stresses the need to do something.
-June 2012- FLC partners with a ministry to sponsor children in Korah Ethiopia

March 2013- A team from FLC travels to Ethiopia in order to capture the conditions in Korah, see the ministry in action, and consider ways to expand our efforts to save kids from the trash dump.

September 2014- From the beginning the hope had been to partner with a local church to achieve the goals of rescuing children. That hope became reality when a local pastor expressed interest in spearheading the work of feeding the children. For years, Pastor Tatek was a volunteer. He faithfully served in the ministry by giving gospel lessons to the children. He also served as an itinerant pastor at a church in Korah. When he was presented an opportunity to become a lead pastor he took it. This became the scenario FLC has been praying for. Out of a deep sense of gratitude and camaraderie, Pastor Tatek named his church Faith Living Church International. Today FLC and Help Korah are proud to be partnered with Faith Living International in the ministry to the orphans of Korah.